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Meet Our Team

Picture of Chris Mauzy
Chris Mauzy
Broker and CEO
Picture of Notasha Mauzy
Notasha Mauzy
Picture of Michael Getty
Michael Getty
Licensed Agent
Picture of Kirill Lavrentyev
Kirill Lavrentyev
Licensed Agent
Picture of Kristina Zitek
Kristina Zitek
Licensed Agent
Picture of Erica Lavrentyev
Erica Lavrentyev
Picture of Ethan Ranum
Ethan Ranum
Picture of Jill Cook
Jill Cook
Director of Sales and Management
Picture of Vadym Snesrud
Vadym Snesrud
Field Services Manager
Picture of AJ Goff
AJ Goff
Field Sales Manager
Picture of Britta Anderson
Britta Anderson
Financial Manager
Picture of Shannon Murray
Shannon Murray
Portfolio Manager
Picture of Merissa Kujath
Merissa Kujath
Portfolio Manager
Picture of Shannon Woodstrom
Shannon Woodstrom
Portfolio Manager
Picture of Bekah Geise
Bekah Geise
Assistant Property Manager
Picture of Megan Kissinger
Megan Kissinger
Executive Assistant
Picture of Slade Stone
Slade Stone
Collections Specialist
Picture of Nina Jonese
Nina Jones
Maintenance Coordinator
Picture of Larry jones
Larry Jones
Property Inspector
Picture of Fred Snively
Fred Snively
Property Inspector
Picture of Ricky Turner
Ricky Turner
Property Inspector
Picture of Carlos Coronado
Carlos Coronado
Maintenance Team