Your choice for Minneapolis/St. Paul Property Management


We offer the most competitive pricing in MN. Our fees include Handyman Services that can potentially save you more money than we charge. By including Handyman Services, you will not be charged for small repairs and handyman-type repairs. We are the ONLY residential property management company to offer this incredible service for no extra charge.

Tenant Warranty- We warranty every tenant we place for the entire term of the lease. WOW!!

Here is a pricing comparison based on a single property with $1800 a month Rental income.

Typical Fees* Mauzy Properties Other MN Companies
In-Home Consultation Included $100
Marketing Brochure & Photography Included $200
Required Marketing Fees Included $250
Tenant Find & Placement 1st Mo. Rent ($1800) 1st Mo. Rent ($1800)
Custom Lease Creation & Execution Included $250 / hr
Property Management $100 / mo 10% of Rent

Annual Cost to Owner



**Tax Deductible**

37% Savings

When you consider all the fees charged by other property managers, it is hard to believe that your best interest is being protected. As property owners, we have found that turnover, small repairs, and vacancy can be your biggest expenses. We have also found that most property management companies have fee structures that profit from turnover and vacancy. We profit from good long-term tenants who renew their leases NOT from turnover. We don’t recommend hiring someone who profits from your losses.

*We offer discounts on our management fee for investors with multi-unit and multi-family properties.